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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  March 8, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning. jobs search, it's the breaking news, moving the markets this morning with investors seeing the latest numbers as positive moves for our economy. the dow broke over 14,400 for the first time day, the unemployment rate dropping to 7.7%. this is significantly higher than analysts had predicted. and it's the lowest jobless rate that we have seen in five years. private companies fueling that surge in hiring with 73,000 jobs added. the white house says this will spur even more growth. >> the economy is continuing to improve. the recovery is gaining traction. over the last 36 months we've added private sector jobs each month for a total -- this is a
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sign that the economy is moving in the right direction. let's dig in and talk more about it. senior fellow at the center on budget and policy priorities, the jared bernstein. all right. let's difficult in. the labor department says the drop is fueled more by fewer people that are looking for jobs, but these numbers are before the sequester went into effect, so can this be sustained? this is where we need to be if we want to turn this recession or the lagging recession around. >> so that's the question. i mean, the sequester hasn't kicked in yet. when it does kick in, i'm afraid it's going to cut about half a percent off gdp growth, certainly maybe around 500, 700,000 jobs, so the question is, is the underlying economy have the strength to shake that off going forward and post more job reports kind of like this one? that's unknowable. i think this report gives you a little more faith that perhaps that can happen.
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by the way, one of the point you just made, the labor force did shrink last month. that's one of the small dark clouds in this report. one of the two-tenths of sideline, from 7.9 to 7.7. one of those tenths is because of the labor force shrinking a bit. speaker boehner issuing a statement, that many it's still wait above the levels and the federal government's ongoing binge has resulted in a debt that exceeds the size of our entire economy. what do you think about this, that we keep rattling off about this, especially when we were told the increase in top rates back in clinton age would also kill job creation? >> it's pure spin. it has nothing to do with what's going on with the economy, and i think it's probably disonan.
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there's been a real disconnect so far between economic growth, lots of folks in the middle just treading water. if we can sustain reports like this, then the recovery will finally reach those in the middle class, but that's an if. >> when we talk about the middle class and the sequester and whether or not we have seen any initial results in the economy from this, as you point out, wall street nothing. now we get the jobs number out for february looks sharp. if we could keep this up, that would be fantastic, but what kind of leverage does this give to sequester negotiations? >> i don't think it gives them much. if anything it would strengthen the hand of of the people who say -- i think the sequester will be baked into the cake, will be part of this so-called continues resolution, the budget that they put together at the end of the month to keep the
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government running. the question isn't whether the sequester will be turned off in the near term. the question is, will the sequester create enough economic drag, because it will create some action to kind of shut down job reports of this magnitude? i'm afraid it may do so to some extent. >> jared bernstein, great to see you. thank you for your insight. >> thank you, thomas. there's word that the white house may be again going for the grand. we're talking about the grand bargain. that could be back on the table now. the obama outreach of this week. we'll continue next with the president set to meet with republicans on capitol hill midweek. now, the hill is reporting today that the white house has set a july deadline for brokering this bipartisan deal. the new diplomacy received rave reviewed following yesterday's lunch. >> i thought it was a good exchange of views, very informal setting, coats off, sleeves rolled up, really discussing
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ways we might begin to bridge some of the difference that is we face especially on budget issues. a little less fuzzy, the growing rift over the filibuster over the drone program. >> the country needs more senators who care about liberty, but if mr. paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. he needs to know what he's talking about. >> senators john mccain and lindsey graham's scathing response to paul's nearly 13-hour -- >> i thought it was rather insulting for the way that these gentlemen responded to this. >> your words, senator, john mccain and senator lindsey graham fighting vehemently to defend president obama's policy. it was a little disorienting.
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>> joining me right now is senator bernie sanders of vermont, a member of the senate budget committee. sir, good to have you here. we start with what politico is putting out as the headline. grand bargain back with a question mark. we look at what paul ryan said after lunch with the president, where i think hope is being borne from. everyone needs to be part of this conversation. we need an open debate about how best to balance the budget and expand opportunities. so, sir, outside of the lines of the continuing resolution coming out of the house side. what you month would you guesstimate that we mae get the grand bargain? >> the issue is not the grand
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bargain. the issue is what's in the grand bargain. when you have growing inequality, 100% of all new income generated, when you have the middle class disappearing, if you're going to talk about any serious budget, what you have to understand is that we must protect in my view, the elderly, children, sick and poor, all of them are hurting in this bad recession form those are the folks who will have to continue. if we're talking about a so-called grand bargain which would cut social security medicare, medicate, and not ask one out of four large corporations to pay zero in taxes today to start paying, that's not a grand bargain that i think the american people would support. >> do you think that the white house or the president is being overly optimistic about any of
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the personality, observations that we're all making about thinks dinner dates and lunch dates, that something could be moved toward a july timeline? are we just putting too much of the cart before the horse? >> well, if we reach an agreement tomorrow or next week, what is important is what is in that agreement. at the the president is talking with mr. ryan about cutting social security when social security has nothing to do with the deficit and we have tens of millions struggling to keep their heads above water that's not a grand bargain that the american people want. if you're cutting benefits for disabled veterans, which is what the so-called changed cpi does, or raising taxes on working people, that is a bad bargain. what we have got to fight for
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and what the american people have been very clear with poll after poll, is that we're lose -- bank in tax havens, we have to fix those loopholes. thomas, i'm not concerned about whether you have a grand bargain tomorrow july or in september, the question is what is fair? when they're doing phenomenally well and the effective tax rates are very, very low, we have to ask them to contribute significant retch, and, by the way, job crazy. real unemployment over 14%. >> senator, i want your take on the republican on republican dissension on the drone program and the filibuster that rand paul, everybody comparing to your fills buster of 2010 a lot of people are talking about what specifically he was talking
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about. taking on rand paul, and taking him to task for the observations though he was making. this was all an attempt to keep john brennan from being appointed, which he was. >> why not join in the filibuster. >> right now i'm working on global warming, trying to see that congress does somebody, working on a budget, working on health care issues. i voted again mr. brennan, because i have a serious concern not what senator paul is talking about, but the united states of america, barack obama will bomb san francisco with drones. that's total fantasy, but i do have a concern about how we fight terrorism while protecting the constitutional rights of the american people. and i think the cia has not always been there. i kind of want to send a message
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to the white house about those concerns. the grand vote was 3-34. senator bernie sanders, great to have you on, as always. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> absolutely. coming up, maverick versus rand paul and the rising star that senator might have as we see senator john mccain and lindsey graham, as we just mentioned. they were getting pushback to taking to the floor to slam rand paul. plus signed it, but now he wants the supreme court to overturn it. we're going to talk with former fob david mixner. that leads to the question of the day for you -- what do you think of bill clinton's about-face on doma? ♪ [ female announcer ] from tracking the bus. ♪
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the drone debates is on capitol hill and highlighting a growing rift in the republican party. john mccain and lind psi graham being taken to task for their blistering talk about the filibuster. calm down, senator. the u.s. government cannot randomly target american citizens on u.s. soil or anywhere else. >> to my republican colleagues, i don't remember any of you coming down here suggesting that president bush was going to kill anybody with a drone. >> we covered that exchange live right here yesterday perry bacon is here, and democratic
8:17 am
strategist chris scopenas and alice stewart. alice, i want to start with you, because it shows how elevators make for strange riding mates. there is senator rand paul and jacques mccain standing awkwardly in the elevator as they ride together. what do you make on the heels of the filibuster that mccontained took the floor, and now they have to figure out this rift. it is perception being reality, a rift. >> well, you look at the photo, and all you can think is uncomfortable, but the trust is, when mccain and graham spoke out, they were concerned about whether or not this led to some fearmongering or scare tactics. the sad thing is we had to do this to get a simple answer to a simple question to eric holder -- will the administration use drones to
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kill american citizens? it should have been a simpler no, and it took us 24 hours to get there. the fact is republicans are united, and the concern about transparency and the administration's use of drones and lack of transparency with benghazi, and the fiscal cliff -- >> why did they ask for the clarification under president bush. >> there's certainly more transparency. we heard from robert gibbs, the press secretary for the president, saying he was told not to talk about it. that's the problem, we're seeing repeatedly a lack of transparency and why we're having to ask questions over and over and sitting at the well 13 hours asking questions. >> we did get reaction from senator rand paul on a politico interview. take a look. >> i think they're on the wrong side of history on this one.
8:19 am
they are of the believe that the war is everywhere, so they kind of agree with some of the things that the president has been saying. >> chris, your impression of all this, do you think they'll be on the wrong side of history as rand paul says? >> i have to say i get some enjoyment watching john mccain explode for the umpteenth time. he did it with my old boss, you know, when senator manchin questioned or continuing buildup and troop commitment in afghanistan. he said we need to focus on the united states. that being said, i think senator paul, you know, he pushed credibility in terms of the example, but he raised, i think, some serious questions. did he go too far in terms of his rhetoric? yes. now senator mccain, here's the problem. it seems like with senator mccain and graham, that there's not a war they don't want to
8:20 am
fight. there's not a battle they don't want to engage. that, i think is really exhausting, considering the heavy price and cost this country has already paid, including, by the way, a war this country didn't fight, that senator mccain led the rally for. so criticize senator paul for what needs to be criticized, but senator mccain is pushing the notion he can be justifiably -- >> you know, they're going to have people scratching their heads on that one. let's talk about rand paul and what this means to his rising star, as they were talking about it on fox news. >> i thought it was a brilliant political play by paul? >> it was genius. look. i would call it a stunt, except for the fact that he was entirely sincere, and he was entirely right. >> entirely right. you know, in that politico interview as well. rand paul was asked about his run for 2016, potential run. perry he said i think our party
8:21 am
needs something new, fresh and different. is rand paul something new, fresh and different that can be thrown into the 2016 run with the chris crist yix or jeb bushs? >> he really is. there's been an emerging rift. remember early 2000 you had two wars where pretty much every republican was in support, and now a small group of republicans led by rand paul that's very skeptical of wars in general. very isolationist. so there is room in the republican party. i think most republicans are where lindsey graham and john mccain are, but rand paul will be a new leader in this part of the party, doesn't like a lot of intervention, and i think he's going to be someone a force to be reckoned with,. >> i want to thank our power panel today. thanks, gang. appreciate it. i want to bring along this
8:22 am
breaking news we're getting to us out of afghanistan. we're learneding the recently confirmed defense secretary chuck hagel has just roughed in kabul. this is the first trip as defense secretary. this is his fifth trip to afghanistan in total, but we're going to have a live report on his arrival there in a moment. coming up, the cardinals are meeting at the vatican to decide a date for the official conclave. details on when that's likely to happen. but first today's producer pick brought to us by tammy bloom. she's on a streak this week. doctors accidentally leaving surgical supplies in a patient during surgery. do you know how often this appears and the deadly consequences that go along with it? you would be very shocked by this. the runner-up brought to us by would you they're calling for a drunk-free zone. check out both those stories on my facebook page. for your first day?
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we're just learning that recently confirmed defense secretary chuck hagel has arrived in kabul. this is his first trip as defense secretary, his fifth in total. mike taibbi is on the ground there. mike, i want to start with you. explain the itinerary and how long he'll be there i want an awfully busy, he'll be greeted by ambassador cunningham, who has been here for 20 months and greeted by general joseph mumford. we talked to ambassador cunningham in a long interview prior to secretary hagel's arrival here, and he said, in answer to the question how are we doing? he's going to say pretty well,
8:27 am
and qualified that with the exact quote. on the one hand secretary hagel has said in opening remarks today that he wanted to thank the troops for do a good job and ensuri ensuring, there are still security issues throughout this country. we'll be seeing that in our time here as well, and while economic stability has improved somewhat, it was just a huge ponzi scheme, bank scandal at the kabul bank, $900 million, which suggests there will be continuing problem of corruption here. of course, the biggest piece has to do with peace talks, and conciliation -- reconciliation talks action which haven't started yet at all, and more than any of us do. that's the hardest part that no war is ever truly won until there is a political resolution. the taliban have established some kind of office in doha in qatar, but so far they haven't responded at all so far. >> mike, thank you. secretary hagel walks in at a
8:28 am
very interesting time where the forces are already in motion, so to speak for them to leave at the end of 2014, but still a very dangerous time action as mike points out. so how does he fit in with his military experience and what he knows, how does he fit that into what is already in motion? >> his military experience is at a relatively low level of sophistication, his experience with respect to policy came much later on when he was in the senate. still, the job of secretary of defense is one of policy more than it is anything else, certain more than logistics, and administration, but this is the most difficult time for any military force, when you're actually engaged and you're trying to withdraw at the same time. you have to protect yourself. on the other hand, you're whittling down the force that's in contact with the enemy little by little every day. there's still corruption as mike mentioned, there's still large areas of afghanistan that are
8:29 am
not controlled by afghan forces. there's all the training that has to be done with the forces and with the police, and we're trying to get out all the time. >> a lot going on at the same time. thank you, sir, and mike, thank you. coming up next, bill clinton signed doma into law 1996. 17 years later, he's saying he wished he didn't do it. why he's changing the tune on his legacy. [ female announcer ] it balances you... it fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack. this is nature valley. nature at its most delicious. this is nature valley. exciting and would always come max and pto my rescue. bookstore
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the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ so as the supreme court gets ra ready to take up the challenge, a stunning about-face from the very president who signed it into law. in a "the washington post" op-said this morning, former president bill clinton calls for an end to doma saying the justices must decide whether it's consistent with a nation that honors equality and justice for all. they have come to believe that doma is contrary to those
8:33 am
principles, and in fact incompatible with our constitution. this was in 1996, when he made doma of the land, angering many of o of. david mixner was arrested for chaining hisself to the white house. david, it's great to have you here to talk about this. your first reaction to this, you wrote about it in your own op-ed on your block, it is important not to -- clinton tonight the wrong action, and he did it for purely political reasons. es. >> can we say that he's evolved and taking a big chunk of his legacy in asking it to be reversed?
8:34 am
now, i'm thrilled that he's come aboard. that's the whole purpose of what we're doing, get people aboard. that means three of the five living presidents now support marriage equality. and further repeal of proposition 8. i commend him for it, but you know, at the same time it's important not to rewrite history, as we make great progress. >> as you evaluate it from the perspective of having known bill clinton for a long time, do you think mortality is at issue here and looking back over his legacy as well as looking forward to the potential of hillary clinton running in 2016. >> i think the president is running very hard to catch up with history. there's an inevitable tide now towards marriage equality in the united states. i mean, listen, in friends of
8:35 am
the courts' brief, 300 corporations are supporting the overturn. 200 members of congress are supporting the overturn. it would have been a glaring omission if he hadn't done it. >> rich and socrates wrote in a post on why clinton as a presidential candidate built such a strong tie, but he bucked those advocates, so richard goes on to say -- the simple aung is that he got boxed in -- is it stilly to think this is happening overnight? this is all happening after decades of work. >> this is happening after decades of work and a lot of people have died in the process, or have been beaten or homes firebombed. this has been an epic struggle
8:36 am
for years. bill clinton had a choice. he wasn't in a tough reelection fight against senator robert dole in 1996 the mom he signed this legislation, if the supreme court rules in our favor, he ran radio ads all over the south, bracking that he had signed this legislation, so, i mean, he's done a lot of good things for the community, but i'm one of those that believe that we learn from history and we grow from history, and that we welcome change. i am certainly welcoming and excited about his endorsement for the repeat of doma. >> as you bring up watching change and 120 republicans have signed this legal brief, calling for the supreme court to overturn prop 8, dealing with california, polls by predom of marriage, the 51% of republicans under 30.
8:37 am
>> how long do you think it will be this. >> i think the key is that john roberts will be very concerned about his legacy. this is his court, this is be the signature. the question is whether he'll go the direction of the dred scott decision, or percy verse ferguson, or if he's going to see the inevitable tide of history. republicans are coming aboard. democrats are already aboard. the tide is an inevitable march. ken mehlman did a brilliant job. another kay of very positive change in the world of people coming to understand that this is a civil rights, this is a step towards free tom for
8:38 am
million of their fellow americans. >> we expect the select to take up arguments on the 7th. thank you, david. >> thank you, thomas. osama bin laden's son-in-law just appeared in federal court in new york, the senior al qaeda leader was captured a few weeksal nbc's pete williams joins me now with who are on what happened. good morning. >> quite a change from his life overseas to suddenly by whisked to the u.s., but that's what prosecutors said happened. this is suleiman abu ghaith, arrested on february 28th, taken to the u.s. the very next day, and they say that in between the time he was arrested and the time he showed up today, he has talking enough to generate what was in essence the statement is
8:39 am
about what they were doing when they were in iran in some kind of custody. in any event. he did enter a not guilty plea through the public defender. the judge said there would be another cold appearance in about a month, and of course the charge here is that he was conspiring to kill americans, he was a spokesman for al qaeda. >> pete williams, thank you, sir. happening right now in caracas, the official state funeral for hugeo chavez. about 50 countries in attendance in all. he body will be on permanent display as a museum. >> some of the stories topping the news now, snow is fall from new york to massachusetts, some areas could see more than a foot
8:40 am
of snow. others just going to see more rain, causing flooding concerns. president obama is meeting with faith leaders at the white house. on the agenda, immigration reform. the coroner is saying a lion used its paw to escape its cage before it attacked and killed a 24-year-old intern. kelly osborne spent the night in the hospital after having a seizures. she's undergoing testing to find out what's happening. a health scare for justin bieber. he was released from a london hospital after collapsing backstage, but no worries. tonight's show is still on. facebook is getting a facelift unveiling a new work for the newsfeed. facebook says users will have more control over their updates. one. two. three. my credit card rewards are easy to remember with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card. earn 1% cash back everywhere, every time.
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the date to pick a new pope has been announced. keir, what do you have for us? >> reporter: just hearing that a conclave will begin on tuesday. they had expected the news in a couple hours' too many, but the spokesperson saying the conclave will begin at the vatican on tuesday. the cardinals will gather at the sistine chapel, which is across behind me. that is where they will vote each day two votes in the morning, two votes in the afternoon, and the ballot papers burned after every indecisive set of votes, and they will continue that process through the days until finally one of the cardinals, one of the candidates, if you like, has a two-thirds majority. that person will then be elected pope. so breaking news, thomas. we're hearing that the conclave, the election process to select a new pope will begin on tuesday. >> all right.
8:45 am
so march 12th will begin, keir, has everyone arrived, at least the cardinals that can participate are all in vatican city or rome neo? >> that's right. all of them are here. the last one from vietnam just arriving in the last few days, so it took some teem for them to gather, and of course the consequence base, which is like talking shop before the conclave starts, but that's been happening since monday. they have been in meetings. they've had the opportunity to talk to each other, to think about the right candidate, or even just go through the process of thinking what kind of candidates they want, but they'd get to the actual process, and that's where it gets serious. and then they go to another vote
8:46 am
and slowly through that process, they gather the 115 cardinals and get down to selecting somebody. when that person reaches the point where they have a two thirds majority of the votes, they will be the new pope. what will happen is there would be white smoke, as i mentioned, they burned and black smoke appears above the basilica above the sistine chapel when they have decided on who is going to be the new pope, they will burn the ballot papers, it will be white smoke, the bells will ring, about po minutes after that, after the person has a chance to pray and to reflect, they will come out onto the balcony, and that's that famous picture that you'll remember from popes past where the new pope comes out to be seen by the people, introduced to the world. >> keir, what has been the edict
8:47 am
on the information that some cashed analysis have been putting out there. as we know some cardinals have blog posts, facebook, twitter. >> right. it's fascinating, actually. during this process of the conclave, we're now learning -- by the way, in the sistine chapel, they are getting that ready for the voting. we're learning one of the things, for example, they will do there is block cell phones so that people aren't able to communicate outside of the conclave. there's a long history, thomas back hundreds and hundreds of years of people trying to flu the conclave and find out what's going on inside, so there's a long tradition of secrecy and trying to protect the process, if you like, but now, of course, it's with a modern twist. they're going to say they're going to block the can't go in, if you like, and they will be trying to make sure this is a
8:48 am
legitimate process where just the 115 cardinals are the one who decide who the next pope is. >> keir, thank you so much. the papal conclave to start the afternoon of tuesday, march 12th. the obama administration is taking another step forward. is the justice depend says it will give a $1 million grant to create ads promoting the safer use of firearms. an assault weapons back, an act to crack down, and an act to expand background checks and an act expanding grants for community policing. the members approved the gun trafficking bill. joining mess now is democratic senator richard bloomen that will. sir, good to have you here. one of the biggest bones of contention is yesterday chuck grassley said it just won't work, because it bans guns on how they look rather than the damage they can do.
8:49 am
he also brought up newtown, but take a listen. >> this had bill been law, but at the same time sandy hook still would have happened. it would not have stopped a machinely disturbed person while stealing a gun that this bill would not have banned from his mother, and then shooting unharmed children. >> sir, what's your responsible to that argument? >> well, first of all, the bill also prohibits high-capacity magazines, and in fact had this ban been in effect, some or all of those children might well have been spared. the reason is very simply the shooter had to change magazines. he had a30-round clip, which he exhausted. he had to change. that enabled children to escape. so had there been a ten-round clip, he probably would have had to change earlier, more students could have been spared, it would have taken him longer. the assault weapon he might have
8:50 am
somehow had access to some some other source or from his mother, but the point is they mass shootings use these kinds of military style high-capacity clips and assault weapons that very simply were designed to kill people. and that's the reason they should be banned. i think it's more than cosmetic, more than feel good. a lot of people would feel good if those children had been spared, but what we need is this ban. the good news from yesterday is there was a bill approved on the illegal trafficking ban, with bipar san support, including senator grassley. so i think we've created some momentum and perhaps that will carry us forward. theres no question, thomas that the assault weapon ban is the most uphill of the many uphill roads that we have to go i want senator, this has been certainly a boost to the national conversation, and a lot of voices being heard. we're now hearing from russell simmons, the celebrity outraged
8:51 am
over the recent ads targeting african-americans. i have you to look at part of one. >> no one wants to fight for the protection. they want the government to do it. the same government who at one appointed hosed us down, attacked us with dogs, and told us we couldn't own guns when bumbling fools with sheets on their heads were riding around and it's a culture problem, a history problem. >> is the nra winning a p.m. r war right now? >> absolutely not. you know, the nra has confined itself to paranoid irrelevance, using delusion, even deception, because the truth is all americans, minorities, women, all of the intended all yens for some of the nra's very misleading ads know the truth, which is that newtown is a call to action, but even since then, there have been 2,000 victims of
8:52 am
gun violence in downtown neighborhoods, urban areas, as well as rural and suburban. this problem spans america. the attempt to appeal to one section of the american public is absolutely wrong. as a moral matter. also politically it will not succeed. >> appreciate your time today. >> thank you. >> more breaking news we need to pass along right now related to the gun wars. the judge in the colorado theater shootings has denied a request by defense lawyers to declare a state law on the insanity plea unconstitutional. james homes is expected to enter a plea on tuesday. his lawyers said he could not responsibly advise holmes how to plead because of questions they had about the insanity law. [ male announcer ] this is kevin.
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in philadelphia growing outrage as officials vote to close 23 schools. it happened at the end of this heated three-hour-long meeting yesterday when a state-run commission rejecteded the district plan to close only four schools. now, officials say it's an effort to close the city's budget of $1.35 billion, and listen to what one very emotional parent had to say about it. >> everybody here needs to be held accountable, and every politician that wasn't in this building tonight, we will make sure you don't get re-elected because this is wrong. these are children. >> joining me now is dr. steve perry, president of -- host of tv's save my son. it's good to have you here. of course, you can understand the anger. i think most parents can understand the anger in that woman's voice. as we look at this breakdown of the schools to be closed, 12 elementary schools, three middle schools, eight high schools. help us understand why these school closures happened and
8:57 am
what are the implications for the students and the parents involv involv involved? >> the schools are closing because they've failed to educate children. it could be a budget issue too, but ultimately these are some of the lowest performing schools in the city. therefore, these schools are not preparing children for the next level of life and need to be closed. >> when we look at -- nbc has this ongoing education nation, which is fantastic and "nightly news" did a great story on race-based education in certain areas. 23 states have set new academic targets that varies for students based on race. is there an effort to get continuing coverage with no child left behind? is there a middle ground, steve, where we look at this when it comes to making sure that all children, regardless of their skin color, socio-economic status are reaching the same school levels? >> there is a middle ground. what you could do is you could set up a system in which the schools are graded on two indicators. one where the students' objective performance are. tenth graders reading at a tenth
8:58 am
grade level, and, two, also make sure that the schools are given credit, or not, for moving the children forward one academic year. we all get kids who are far behind. in fact, new york city said recently that 80% of their children will need to go on to remediation after graduating high school, so we know that the schools are failing to produce an educated child. as a result of that, we need, however, to put together thoughtful, meaningful policies that will insure that the kids do get access to a quality education. >> dr. steve perry, as always, great to see you. thank you. >> that's going to wrap things up for me. have a great weekend, everybody. see you back here monday at 11:00 a.m. now with alex wagner comes your way next. jenna shared her recipe with sharon, who emailed it to emily, who sent it to cindy, who wondered why her soup wasn't quite the same. the recipe's not the recipe... ohhh. [ female announcer ] ...without swanson. the broth cooks trust most when making soup. mmmm! [ female announcer ] the secret is swanson. departure. hertz gold plus rewards also offers ereturn--
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